Catalina Imizcoz


Catalina Imizcoz
Editorial/Research projects


‘Precarious Structures: HIV, Museums, and History’, What You Don’t Know about AIDS Could Fill a Museum, OnCurating [August 2019]

ramona: Looping the Mechanisms of Production and Reception’, Grandes públicos y artes visuales de 1950 a nuestros días, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid [November 2018]

ramona: A Translation Exercise’, Université d’été de la Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, Paris [July 2018]

‘“Teach me how to look at what I'm trying to see”. On the Temporal Codes of Conduct of Dance Exhibitions’, As Slowly As Possible, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam [May 2018]

‘The Multiplex Texture of ramona’, Third Text, vol 30 issue 4, London [July 2017]

‘Fieldwork: Extending the Study of Exhibitions across Geographies’ in Caiana #10, Buenos Aires [March 2017]